Oblates are men and women who have desire to go deeper in their relationship with God. They do this by connecting with a community of religious women and men to learn the ways of St. Benedict.

Our Oblates are being called to live the values of Benedictine life such as simplicity, prayer,

ministry, and hospitality.

Emmaus House has 2 groups of Oblates. One group is our local group, the St. Scholastica

Oblates and includes:

Deb Prevost, Janet MacDonald, and Jen Vaira

Kathy Bidegaray


Our long distant group includes friends from across the country, the St. Julian Oblates.

We meet monthly via Skype. The members of St. Julian Oblates are from Winona, MN, Virginia Beach VA, and

Galveston TX.

They met for the first time in person at Emmaus House during the summer of 2014.  Emmaus House continues to grow through our lay members, the Oblates. As Lay Members they have made a commitment to live out Benedictine Values in their daily living. They are missionary extensions of Emmaus House


Back: Les Hitner, Brita Hampton, Gary Delzer

Front: Sr. Rita, Jo Hitner, Kay Sandor, and Sr. Regina

Pictured Below:  Kathy Bidegaray with Sr. Regina

Kathy Bidegaray with Sr. Regina