About Us


Sr. Rita Rauschendorfer & Sr. Regina Murray

Emmaus House was established in 2008 by Sr. Regina Murray and Sr. Rita Rauschendorfer, two former Benedictine Sisters having lived in monastic life for a combination of 56 years.  We established a Benedictine house of prayer and hospitality to continue our commitment to the Rule of St. Benedict and to offer this spirituality to others who may be interested.  Both Sr. Regina and Sr. Rita have Masters level backgrounds in Social Work and Pastoral Counseling respectively.   At the invitation of Fr. Greg Staudinger of the Diocese of Great Falls/Billings we established our ministry in order to assist Fr. Greg in the spiritual growth of the people of the five parishes within Richland County.  This ministry of Emmaus House has since expanded to numerous peoples of different faiths. 


Daily Prayer

 Blessed Trinity, as a disciple I pray for the grace to continue to meet Jesus on my Journey. Enfold me as I become open and willing as the Spirit breaks forth the call in my heart to the intimate love of God. Enliven within me the gift of hospitality so that in breaking open the Word, the stranger will feel welcomed. As sisters and friends of Emmaus House we pray this in the spirit  of Saints Benedict and Scholastica  and through Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen.